Building a house is a daunting task. It requires a lot of effort, planning, investment, and time to make sure that the house is safely and beautifully built. Many homeowners decide to rent or buy a ready-made house to avoid the hassles that building a new one entails. However, there are also some people who dream to build their own and take pride in their contribution to the planning and building of the house. Some also opt for building on their own for a plan of customization. Whatever reasons you have, you need to make sure that the foundation of the house is strong, reliable, and safe just like what the Kelowna framing contractors provide.  

But not all contractors offer the same service. Ask these questions and choose your framing contractor wisely and carefully.  

1. Are you insured and licensed? 

As mentioned, your house will be a huge investment, and in order to protect this investment, make sure that the contractor planning and doing the framing are insured so you will not be held responsible when unexpected things would occur.  

You also need to ask about their license and certification to ensure that the group you are hiring are all well-trained and professionals. The house’s frame determines the quality of the house’s foundation and its overall structure. Make sure that the people you hire know what they do with expertise. 

2. Can you show me the last projects you have worked on? 

By asking this question, you are enabling yourself to be shown some of their previous works that would somehow give you a glimpse of how they work. The best contractor takes confidence in what he does and will surely offer you some images of their previous projects.  

3. Can you give me a starting date as well as the completion date? 

A timeline is very important to make sure that every hour counts and never wasted. The idea contractor is able to give you a decent estimate of how long the duration will take. Be cautious about those that lengthen the day of the completion, as they prey on the possible additional costs they might get from the deal.  

4. Can I get that in writing? 

Ask about all the estimates and the specifics of how the project will be going such as the cost of labor, materials, and others, as well as the overall costs of the project. To avoid being outsmarted, research on your own about the materials that will be needed and the average cost of labor in your state to make sure they are providing you the right estimates. Request them on a written paper to have concrete evidence of what both parties have agreed on the projects and the money matter.  

Other questions you might ask are: 

How long have you been in the business and industry?  

This will give you a glimpse of how experienced the contractor is 

Will you work with the team or just supervise? 

Contractors may have some subcontractors. Find out if the subcontractors are able to do the job or the framing contractor will dedicate you their time.