Basic Roof Maintenance You Can Do

Everyone knows how important a roof can be in any house. It provides curb appeal and protection of your house, and complete its structure. This is why you would see different tips on how to clean and maintain it as well as different companies that advertise their quality services for installation and repair just like what Kelowna roofing does.  

If a roof is not granted a regular maintenance, potential damage can occur, and when a roof has damaged and ruins, it cannot do the function it serves such as protecting your family and the house‚Äôs elements from storm and snow. This is why regular maintenance is needed, in order to prevent the wear and tear of the house and make it last longer than usual.  

You can always call for a professional roofing service whenever you want faster but more efficient results; however, you can also do this  simple maintenance to avoid roof damages.: 

1. Look for leaks in the ceilings and attics 

Water stains are an indication that your roofs have holes or some damages that allow the rainwater to enter. So, check your ceilings and attics for potential damage. the warning signs you need to check include: 

  • Bulging patches on the walls 
  • Water stains on the ceiling 
  • Musty doors in certain rooms 
  • Spots on the exterior walls 

Call a professional for help if you notice these signs. 

2.Clean the gutters 

Roof maintenance includes this essential cleaning, and although this can be a bit dirty of work, cleaning your gutter helps effectively in maintaining the health of your roof as clogged gutters make it easy for water to seep under the structure causing moe damage and water stains inside the walls’ interior. It is recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year.  

3.Trim ant overhanging branches 

Branches, especially the larger ones can be hazardous not just for anyone in the family but also to your house and roof as it has the potential to fall or break when storms or strong winds come. To avoid this, make sure that you cut any overhanging branches near your house as it helps reduce the damage when storms come.  

Aside from this, when leaves are constantly fallen on the shingles, they deteriorate from absorbing moisture from rain. When this happens, they can potentially rot your roof.  

When cutting larger branches, make sure to call a professional tree cutter to avoid unnecessary accidents.  

4.Wash your roof 

To maintain and clean your shingles, you need to wash them with water and bleach. Dirty shingles mean there is an accumulation of dust and even algae on the shingles that can cause faster deterioration. To avoid this and to kill microbes, water needs to be mixed with bleach.  

Final Thoughts 

Maintaining your roof may not be as easy as it sounds, but it surely pays off the effort you give. Your roof is among the most important part you need to maintain as it protects the family from harsh weather and houses all the elements inside. And remember, you can always call a professional service for an expert-like help.