Are you considering replacing your current cleaning company and hire a new one? Perhaps your present cleaners don’t meet your cleaning needs compared to they used to be, or maybe they have increased their prices but their cleaning services don’t deserve the increased fee. If you are still undecided, we will provide you reasonable tips to finally look for a new cleaning company for your residential or commercial property: 

No accountability 

Your cleaning company should do regular inspections. Otherwise, it’s less likely that the problems that continually occur won’t be totally resolved. Routine inspections make sure that problems will be addressed before becoming the cause of irritation. Moreover, it provides the cleaning service the chance to resolve any inconsistencies in terms of their training protocols. Making sure that their team’s trained well to finish their required task. 

Illegal practices 

Once a service pays its workers as illegitimate subcontractors with cash under their table, or their company employs undocumented staff, it might imply that their workers are not insured. When the worker unintentionally damaged your house or even attempted to steal valuable belongings you have in your property, you would never have an alternative. Moreover, it is improbable that an agency that would do such responsibilities would perform thorough background checks, hence, you will never know the expertise of an individual who can get into your office after hours.  

Lack of communication 

A lack of communication with your current cleaning company is a huge problem. If this is your case, you definitely need to hire a new janitorial company near you. Once your current provider does not value your ideas or your time, it is possible best to let them go.  

High employee turnover 

You are watchful when it comes to the people who can access to each part of your place. Now, if your current cleaning provider has high employee turnover, it only means that there is rotating access of people who can get through your premises once you are not around. Once your service is rushing to look for people to ensure their customers, it is less likely that they are entirely training their new employees.  

Inconsistent service 

If your hired house cleaning Kelowna company provide you mediocre services lately, you probably should have fired them long before. However, you can see they have done just enough for you to think that maybe they will get better soon.  

If you are not certain about the signed obligations of your current cleaning provider, you should recheck at your signed contract now. Great service must totally be transparent when it comes to their offered services and their pricing.  Once your cleaners now are not doing the responsibilities that they are paid for consistently, then, you should consider hiring a new cleaning service provider.  

Once you are already tired of having mediocre to bad result from your cleaning service provider, think about collaborating with a company that values their clients. For more information, contact us!