Common Signs Your Pool Needs Cleaning

A swimming pool is an important element in the house as it improves the house at the same time provides entertainment for everyone in the house, especially in this time of quarantine where you do not have anything to do and anywhere to go. However, a pool, regardless of its depth and size, is difficult to maintain and clean. It needs effort and a lot of time. You need to skim the leaves out from the surface, check the pool’s chemistry, make sure that it is free of bacteria and other contaminants, and others. At some point in time, you will be going you need the Kelowna pool cleaning service for a more efficient, efficacy, more convenient, but a lesser time of deep pool cleaning. Services such as these make sure that your pool is in good condition so the family can have fun without any sweat! But how would you know that your pool now needs a professional cleaning service? Find out how. 

1. It has a strong smell of chlorine 

When you have a strong smell of chlorine in your pool, it does not indicate that your pool is safe but otherwise. A strong smell of chlorine might be induced by an accumulation of organic materials like urine, sweat, bacteria, etc. In your pool especially when the chlorine cannot handle anymore this accumulation. A good and healthy pool must not smell of chlorine 

2. It has a cloudy or murky water 

When the water is visibly murky, you now need a deep pool cleaning service. Murky water means there are a lot of substances in the pool and that it has a chemical imbalance. It can also be a sign of inadequate infiltration, lack of sunlight, heavy rain, or poor water circulation.  

3.Discolored water 

There are many colors that are manifested by an unhealthy pool. It could be brown, yellowish, or green. And the most common is the color green which indicated that the broom is dirty and that discoloration is a serious of a pool who is extremely unhealthy.  

4. There are living organism in the pool 

Aside from the microbes and bacteria that cannot be seen through native eyes, your pool can also accommodate other living microorganisms when it is not regularly maintained and cleaned such as water beetles, mosquito larvae, and others. If you see their presence in your pool, immediately contact your pool cleaning service and ask them to clean the pool quickly.  

5. It has some bubble and foamy surface 

The bubble indicated that your pool water has enough contaminants that keep the bubble due to the strong surface tension that is sometimes caused by soaps, lotion, sunblock, etc. or from a high concentration of bacteria in the pool.  

Bubbles can also mean chemical imbalance that can also be caused by clogged filters.  

Final Thoughts 

Having a healthy, clean pool is important to also keep everyone safe in the house, as a dirty or highly imbalanced pool can result in diseases and irritation. So, have regular maintenance and cleaning on your pool, and remember there is always a pool service alternative if you want a faster deep cleanup. 

Basic Roof Maintenance You Can Do

Everyone knows how important a roof can be in any house. It provides curb appeal and protection of your house, and complete its structure. This is why you would see different tips on how to clean and maintain it as well as different companies that advertise their quality services for installation and repair just like what Kelowna roofing does.  

If a roof is not granted a regular maintenance, potential damage can occur, and when a roof has damaged and ruins, it cannot do the function it serves such as protecting your family and the house’s elements from storm and snow. This is why regular maintenance is needed, in order to prevent the wear and tear of the house and make it last longer than usual.  

You can always call for a professional roofing service whenever you want faster but more efficient results; however, you can also do this  simple maintenance to avoid roof damages.: 

1. Look for leaks in the ceilings and attics 

Water stains are an indication that your roofs have holes or some damages that allow the rainwater to enter. So, check your ceilings and attics for potential damage. the warning signs you need to check include: 

  • Bulging patches on the walls 
  • Water stains on the ceiling 
  • Musty doors in certain rooms 
  • Spots on the exterior walls 

Call a professional for help if you notice these signs. 

2.Clean the gutters 

Roof maintenance includes this essential cleaning, and although this can be a bit dirty of work, cleaning your gutter helps effectively in maintaining the health of your roof as clogged gutters make it easy for water to seep under the structure causing moe damage and water stains inside the walls’ interior. It is recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year.  

3.Trim ant overhanging branches 

Branches, especially the larger ones can be hazardous not just for anyone in the family but also to your house and roof as it has the potential to fall or break when storms or strong winds come. To avoid this, make sure that you cut any overhanging branches near your house as it helps reduce the damage when storms come.  

Aside from this, when leaves are constantly fallen on the shingles, they deteriorate from absorbing moisture from rain. When this happens, they can potentially rot your roof.  

When cutting larger branches, make sure to call a professional tree cutter to avoid unnecessary accidents.  

4.Wash your roof 

To maintain and clean your shingles, you need to wash them with water and bleach. Dirty shingles mean there is an accumulation of dust and even algae on the shingles that can cause faster deterioration. To avoid this and to kill microbes, water needs to be mixed with bleach.  

Final Thoughts 

Maintaining your roof may not be as easy as it sounds, but it surely pays off the effort you give. Your roof is among the most important part you need to maintain as it protects the family from harsh weather and houses all the elements inside. And remember, you can always call a professional service for an expert-like help.  

Important Questions You Should Always Ask a Framing Contractor

Building a house is a daunting task. It requires a lot of effort, planning, investment, and time to make sure that the house is safely and beautifully built. Many homeowners decide to rent or buy a ready-made house to avoid the hassles that building a new one entails. However, there are also some people who dream to build their own and take pride in their contribution to the planning and building of the house. Some also opt for building on their own for a plan of customization. Whatever reasons you have, you need to make sure that the foundation of the house is strong, reliable, and safe just like what the Kelowna framing contractors provide.  

But not all contractors offer the same service. Ask these questions and choose your framing contractor wisely and carefully.  

1. Are you insured and licensed? 

As mentioned, your house will be a huge investment, and in order to protect this investment, make sure that the contractor planning and doing the framing are insured so you will not be held responsible when unexpected things would occur.  

You also need to ask about their license and certification to ensure that the group you are hiring are all well-trained and professionals. The house’s frame determines the quality of the house’s foundation and its overall structure. Make sure that the people you hire know what they do with expertise. 

2. Can you show me the last projects you have worked on? 

By asking this question, you are enabling yourself to be shown some of their previous works that would somehow give you a glimpse of how they work. The best contractor takes confidence in what he does and will surely offer you some images of their previous projects.  

3. Can you give me a starting date as well as the completion date? 

A timeline is very important to make sure that every hour counts and never wasted. The idea contractor is able to give you a decent estimate of how long the duration will take. Be cautious about those that lengthen the day of the completion, as they prey on the possible additional costs they might get from the deal.  

4. Can I get that in writing? 

Ask about all the estimates and the specifics of how the project will be going such as the cost of labor, materials, and others, as well as the overall costs of the project. To avoid being outsmarted, research on your own about the materials that will be needed and the average cost of labor in your state to make sure they are providing you the right estimates. Request them on a written paper to have concrete evidence of what both parties have agreed on the projects and the money matter.  

Other questions you might ask are: 

How long have you been in the business and industry?  

This will give you a glimpse of how experienced the contractor is 

Will you work with the team or just supervise? 

Contractors may have some subcontractors. Find out if the subcontractors are able to do the job or the framing contractor will dedicate you their time.  

Advantages of a Good House Siding

Most homeowners take pride in the appearance of insides of their house, flaunting their exquisite and classic interior design. While they take their fancy in the furniture, flooring, and the wallpapers, the pros know that the siding is an elemental aesthetic that one must not take for granted. Why is this so? Your siding induces an immediate impression from the guests as this will be the first thing, they will notice on the overall appearance of your house especially when looked at on the outside. The Kelowna siding and its qualities will surely get the attention that you seek on your house from the guests.  

There are many types of siding materials you can choose from including vinyl, wood, metal, glass, stone, and others, and each of these materials has its own pros and cons, and some are better or worse than the others in different ways. However, house siding, in general, regardless of the materials used, provides many benefits to you and your property. Here are the following: 

1. It enhances curb appeal 

As mentioned, siding induces an impression, as this creates a huge impact on how your house’ exterior looks like. A siding with clean lines, crisp colors, and a beautiful pattern that matches and complements the overall aesthetics of your house and property, can significantly create a huge impact on your property’s beauty. 

2. It makes your house energy efficient 

Your siding provides a more layer for insulation, protecting the elements inside your home from the external factors. It blocks the sun’s heat, protects your house form the cold of winter or the wind of the storm, which effectively lessens your need for the house’s insulation. Ans this means lower energy bills. 

3. It lowers the house’s maintenance 

As mentioned, the siding provides an extra layer of protection to your house’s wall so it reduces maintenance costs. Aside from this, most siding materials require little to no maintenance to remain functional and good-looking.  

4.No painting costs 

Painting can have many damages such as chipping, cracks, color fading, and others that require regular maintenance and maintenance costs. When you install a good quality siding, you will never experience this as sidings, in general, do not need any paints at all. Instead of using your money in maintaining your paint, spend them on a siding as the latter provides beauty and protection as thrice as what paint can offer.  

5. It improves your house’s value 

A good quality and well-designed siding effectively increase the value of the house as it provides more protection that makes the house last longer, as well as aesthetics that improves the curb appeal. When you decide on moving out, make sure that you attract buyers by installing some good siding.  

Final Thoughts 

Your siding provides beauty and protection to your house in a cheaper way. Although there are still many things that a good siding gives to any house or property, we believe we have mentioned what are some of the most important.  

Signs You Need to Replace Your Cleaning Company

Are you considering replacing your current cleaning company and hire a new one? Perhaps your present cleaners don’t meet your cleaning needs compared to they used to be, or maybe they have increased their prices but their cleaning services don’t deserve the increased fee. If you are still undecided, we will provide you reasonable tips to finally look for a new cleaning company for your residential or commercial property: 

No accountability 

Your cleaning company should do regular inspections. Otherwise, it’s less likely that the problems that continually occur won’t be totally resolved. Routine inspections make sure that problems will be addressed before becoming the cause of irritation. Moreover, it provides the cleaning service the chance to resolve any inconsistencies in terms of their training protocols. Making sure that their team’s trained well to finish their required task. 

Illegal practices 

Once a service pays its workers as illegitimate subcontractors with cash under their table, or their company employs undocumented staff, it might imply that their workers are not insured. When the worker unintentionally damaged your house or even attempted to steal valuable belongings you have in your property, you would never have an alternative. Moreover, it is improbable that an agency that would do such responsibilities would perform thorough background checks, hence, you will never know the expertise of an individual who can get into your office after hours.  

Lack of communication 

A lack of communication with your current cleaning company is a huge problem. If this is your case, you definitely need to hire a new janitorial company near you. Once your current provider does not value your ideas or your time, it is possible best to let them go.  

High employee turnover 

You are watchful when it comes to the people who can access to each part of your place. Now, if your current cleaning provider has high employee turnover, it only means that there is rotating access of people who can get through your premises once you are not around. Once your service is rushing to look for people to ensure their customers, it is less likely that they are entirely training their new employees.  

Inconsistent service 

If your hired house cleaning Kelowna company provide you mediocre services lately, you probably should have fired them long before. However, you can see they have done just enough for you to think that maybe they will get better soon.  

If you are not certain about the signed obligations of your current cleaning provider, you should recheck at your signed contract now. Great service must totally be transparent when it comes to their offered services and their pricing.  Once your cleaners now are not doing the responsibilities that they are paid for consistently, then, you should consider hiring a new cleaning service provider.  

Once you are already tired of having mediocre to bad result from your cleaning service provider, think about collaborating with a company that values their clients. For more information, contact us!