A swimming pool is an important element in the house as it improves the house at the same time provides entertainment for everyone in the house, especially in this time of quarantine where you do not have anything to do and anywhere to go. However, a pool, regardless of its depth and size, is difficult to maintain and clean. It needs effort and a lot of time. You need to skim the leaves out from the surface, check the pool’s chemistry, make sure that it is free of bacteria and other contaminants, and others. At some point in time, you will be going you need the Kelowna pool cleaning service for a more efficient, efficacy, more convenient, but a lesser time of deep pool cleaning. Services such as these make sure that your pool is in good condition so the family can have fun without any sweat! But how would you know that your pool now needs a professional cleaning service? Find out how. 

1. It has a strong smell of chlorine 

When you have a strong smell of chlorine in your pool, it does not indicate that your pool is safe but otherwise. A strong smell of chlorine might be induced by an accumulation of organic materials like urine, sweat, bacteria, etc. In your pool especially when the chlorine cannot handle anymore this accumulation. A good and healthy pool must not smell of chlorine 

2. It has a cloudy or murky water 

When the water is visibly murky, you now need a deep pool cleaning service. Murky water means there are a lot of substances in the pool and that it has a chemical imbalance. It can also be a sign of inadequate infiltration, lack of sunlight, heavy rain, or poor water circulation.  

3.Discolored water 

There are many colors that are manifested by an unhealthy pool. It could be brown, yellowish, or green. And the most common is the color green which indicated that the broom is dirty and that discoloration is a serious of a pool who is extremely unhealthy.  

4. There are living organism in the pool 

Aside from the microbes and bacteria that cannot be seen through native eyes, your pool can also accommodate other living microorganisms when it is not regularly maintained and cleaned such as water beetles, mosquito larvae, and others. If you see their presence in your pool, immediately contact your pool cleaning service and ask them to clean the pool quickly.  

5. It has some bubble and foamy surface 

The bubble indicated that your pool water has enough contaminants that keep the bubble due to the strong surface tension that is sometimes caused by soaps, lotion, sunblock, etc. or from a high concentration of bacteria in the pool.  

Bubbles can also mean chemical imbalance that can also be caused by clogged filters.  

Final Thoughts 

Having a healthy, clean pool is important to also keep everyone safe in the house, as a dirty or highly imbalanced pool can result in diseases and irritation. So, have regular maintenance and cleaning on your pool, and remember there is always a pool service alternative if you want a faster deep cleanup.